Running a business is no small feat. 

You’re always juggling so many things like:

-managing employees

-keeping customers happy

 -paying the bills – phew! 

And On top of that, you have to worry about marketing your business online through social media, websites, and search engines. 

It’s a lot for one person or a small team to handle alone.

That’s where getting some outside help for your digital marketing can make life way easier. But should you hire a company from another country that charges less (offshore) or stick with a local team (onshore)?

Going with an offshore team can save you money since they don’t have to pay expensive American prices. A local onshore team will cost more but it’s easier to work together, will they just “get” your business better?

There’s no perfect choice that fits every situation. It comes down to your specific needs and budget. An offshore team could be great if you need to save cash. But an onshore crew might be worth paying more if you value that close communication.

In this blog, let us break down for you how to make that choice. 

What is the difference between Onshore and Offshore Digital Marketing?

Offshore basically means outsourcing digital marketing work to a company in a different country, usually one where the cost of living is lower than where you’re based. A lot of businesses go this offshore route with places like India, Philippines, and Pakistan. The biggest reason? It’s way more affordable compared to hiring locally.

These days, it’s super easy to communicate and collaborate online with people from across the globe. So getting an offshore team to handle things like web design, app development, or online marketing is becoming a popular choice. The price tag is hard to beat!

On the other hand, onshore means working with a digital marketing team that’s local to your area and country. So if you’re an Australian company, you’d probably look for partners in cities like Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney. 

The biggest advantage here is way better communication. You’re working with people who speak the same language, understand the same cultural references, and are in a similar time zone. No language barriers or awkward midnight meetings!

It’s generally pricier to go the onshore route, but that face-to-face interaction and being on the same page can be really valuable, especially for complex marketing projects.

Now, let’s go over what criteria you should focus on white making the decision. 

Choosing between offshore and onshore marketing services can be a tough decision, but don’t worry, we’ll break it down into 5 key factors to help you figure out what’s best for your business:

Budget and Cost Considerations

This one’s probably top of mind – how much can you realistically afford to spend on digital marketing? Offshore teams tend to be way more budget-friendly since you’re tapping into countries with much lower costs of living and wages. If you’re a small business owner or just starting out, those savings can be a huge relief.

But onshore local agencies do command higher prices. The upside is you’re paying for convenience, seamless communication, and a team that really understands your market inside and out. It’s an investment, but one that could pay off big if you’ve got the funds.

The Language and Cultural Barrier 

Let’s be real – miscommunication is a total headache, and the last thing you want is marketing messages that miss the mark with your audience. That’s where an onshore partner has a big leg up, sharing the same language, cultural references, and local market knowledge as you.

With an offshore crew, you’ll likely be dealing with some level of language barrier and cultural differences. Little things can get lost in translation. Of course, top-notch offshore agencies have processes to overcome this, but it’s still an extra potential hurdle.

Time Zone Differences

Quick turnaround times are crucial in the fast-paced digital space. And being in totally different time zones from an offshore team can really slow things down.

Imagine this – you submit a request at the end of your workday, only for your offshore team to be just starting their morning hours later. That ping-pong back-and-forth review process could drag on for days. 

With an onshore partner, you’re synced up on the same clock, making real-time collaboration a breeze. No more waiting around or missed deadlines.

Project Difficulty and Specialization

A cheap overseas team for general website updates, social media management or basic SEO tasks could work out rather well. In case your marketing needs are more specialized or technical, however, you might want to consider an onshore partner.

Moreover, local onshore agencies are the most likely to have access to niche highly skilled talent in areas such as advanced programming, data analytics, branding/design among others. There is a premium that can be paid sometimes for that specialization.

Rules and Legal Compliance

Lastly, check if there are specific data privacy regulations or legal hoops your business must jump through particularly if it operates within a highly regulated industry like health care or finance.

Moreover, having a local onshore team that understands our domestic laws will ensure that all of your marketing efforts remain in full compliance. Onshore would require extra due diligence to ensure they meet all legal requirements while with an offshore partner you would need some additional due diligence performed before they can show they comply with the law.

At the end of the day there’s no one size fits all solution. This has to do with a balance between pros and cons based on what your priorities are as a business owner- budgeting commutation time scale urgency technicalities et cetera.

The offshore team offers considerable cost savings but more complications. Onshore is more expensive though it comes with seamless local partnership. The answer is simple

The right answer is simply the one that sets your business up for sustainable digital marketing success.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between onshore and offshore can be a tad tricky, but if you lean towards saving money  while not skimping on quality, going offshore might just be your ticket! 

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