Meet Jay, a product business owner who’s been running his software development agency since the last decade. 

But recently, he’s been struggling with:

-rising marketing costs

-good talent shortage 

-scaling his business and marketing efforts. 

And he finally decided to outsource his digital marketing to an offshore agency. 

If you’re in the same shoes as Jay, this blog is for you. 

Choosing an offshore partner can be a challenge. With so many claiming to be the best, how do you make the choice?

We’ll walk you through what to look for, questions to ask, and checking if an agency is the right fit. Let’s dive in. 

1. Understand Your Budget

First things first, let’s talk about your budget.

It might not be the most thrilling part of finding an offshore digital marketing agency, but it’s crucial to start-off on the right foot.

  1. What Can You Spend?: Figure out the most you can spend. It’s like drawing a line – you just can’t go over it.
  2. Pick a Comfort Zone: Find a budget range you’re okay with. It keeps you clear of options that are too cheap to be good or too pricey for your pocket.
  3. Spend Smart: Remember, the cheapest option isn’t always the best. Aim for where your money does the most for you.
  4. Keep a Little Extra: Things change, and sometimes you want to be able to say yes to something great that costs a bit more.
  5. Be Upfront About Money: When you chat with agencies, tell them what you can spend right away. It makes things simpler for everyone from the start.

2. What’s Beyond First Impressions?

Sure, when you check out an agency’s website or spot glowing reviews, it’s tempting to just jump in. But remember, things aren’t always as they seem. 

That’s why third-party review sites like AmbitionBox and Clutch can help a lot at this stage.Read about the honest feedback from folks who’ve been there, done that. 

Just keep in mind, these reviews might be mostly positive or some may even be planted.Yet, it gives you a more honest peek than just taking at face what the agency’s website dishes out.

3. Are they open, honest and reliable with communication?

Success with any outsourcing especially with a digital marketing agency is anchored on one thing: good, transparent, and understandable communication.

Check out how well the agency’s rep communicates their points and understands yours. Clear communication is a fundamental requirement and can’t be ignored.

As a business owner, be sure you can ring up or message the overseas agency just in case a last-minute need arises or an ‘aha’ moment strikes.

Set the rules of engagement upfront – how quickly they will respond and which person you should contact.

It will save you from hours of waiting and ensure everything runs smoothly, that’s the way to successful outsourcing.

4. How will they deal with the local holidays?

Remember, every place has its own calendar of holidays and days off. 

You wouldn’t want to find yourself in trouble and needing help while everyone else is off celebrating. 

Get clear with your potential offshore digital marketing agency about when they’ll be around and how they can support you, especially during their local holidays.

Have that discussion upfront about their open hours and what backup plans they have in place when they’re taking a break. 

5. Are they cost effective for you?

To make sure you’re investing in the right agency, look for agencies in places where you can get the same great service but at lower cost. 

For example: If you’re in Australia and local agencies are quoting $2000/monthly, you can get the same service for about 50-60% less of that cost. 

Alos, businesses often find that they can cut back by 70% when they outsource. 

That’s a lot of extra capital you could be saving or spending elsewhere in your business. 

6. Are they competent enough for the job?

Digital marketing is a vast field, with various services and approaches, you need a digital marketing agency that can tailor their offer for you. 

Ask for case studies, testimonials or live projects that are in the similar niche/industry as you. Look for how many experts are there on the team, and have a casual chat about how they’ll help you. 

Remember, it’s totally okay to ask, outsourcing is a crucial decision, don’t hesitate to ask for credentials and decide if they’re the right fit for you. 

7. What kind of payment options are there?

Next up, payment options..

It’s great when digital marketing agencies offer fuss-free payment methods. Some have a 2-way payment system or some might charge upfront for the work, go for a payment method that suits your finances but also doesn’t stop the work from your offshore digital marketing agency team. 

8. Checklist to finalize your offshore digital marketing partner 

We’ve covered everything but it doesn’t hurt to have a checklist guiding you through the process. When you make the decision, just check for these 10 points. 

  1. Experience in Your Industry: Make sure they’ve successfully worked with businesses like yours.
  2. Portfolio of Past Work: Check their previous campaigns for quality and effectiveness.
  3. Client Testimonials: Look for feedback from other clients to assess their reputation.
  4. Communication Skills: Ensure they’re clear and responsive communicators.
  5. Understanding of Your Market: They need a good grasp of your audience and market.
  6. Digital Expertise Across Channels: Confirm they excel in areas you’re interested in, like SEO, social media, etc.
  7. Creativity and Innovation: Evaluate their ability to come up with fresh, effective strategies.
  8. Transparent Reporting: They should offer clear, regular insights into performance.
  9. Cultural Fit: Make sure their team’s working style meshes with yours.
  10. Flexible Payment Terms: Look for agreeable payment options that fit your budget.

Final Thoughts

That’s it, everything you need to look for in an offshore digital marketing agency before you make your pick. It can be overwhelming, but not if you go with our simple system and filter them out with the checklist. 

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