About Prestige Towers:

Prestige towers offer 3BHK highrise apartments in Mohali. It is one of the projects in a long legacy of successful projects like Royal City in Fazilka and Gold Mark In Zirakpur.

Our Goal:-

After the initial run of our client’s marketing campaign, the response was disheartening and worrisome. The projected results were nowhere to be seen.
Our goal was to breathe life into the project and make it the best option for real estate in the area. In addition, we were tasked with building a solid lead generation pipeline and lasting hype about the project.

Prestige-Tower Elevation

How did we achieve our Goal?

  1. With our traditional marketing strategies, We also started from branding basics and focused on outreach and brand identity across all the major social media platforms.
  2. After our campaigns picked up, we funneled our visitors to a website dedicated solely to client retention and lead generation.
  3. The Unique Features of the website that helped us turn the tide were:
    1. A Virtual tour of a fully-furnished apartments.
      1. These virtual tours drove up a lot of leads. Images only go so far. With a 3d model of a finalized 3BHK flat in Virtual reality, Prestige towers were all the buzz.
    2. Brochures With 3d models of apartments in various settings
      1. We customized our brochures and the website graphics with 3d models on each section.
      2. It was another factor that drove up leads because people could see their dream homes without visiting the project site.
  4. Hence, with a combination of technology at our disposal and well-directed efforts, the result was:
    1. A Significant Footfall increase for Prestige Towers
    2. A Huge 100X increase in revenue generation.
    3. We Went from a negative outlook to a Hyped and well-received project by people across various platforms.

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