Cascade Buildtech

Cascade Buildtech is a real estate company, offering consultancy to companies & individuals for home buying and investments. It has multiple real estate projects in Tricity, India.

Cascade was mostly working offline before we came together with them.

Cascade Introduction

Goal and Challenges:

Our prime goal was to provide leads on the real estate projects they were dealing in and create a strong brand presence online that could speak for them. We created a website and made a strong online presence for them. We started promoting their projects online and created a strong sales pipeline for their sales team.

Cascade PNG

We converted their whole working system to digitization. We introduced a lead management system that brought all sales teams on the portal and lead assignments started happening in real-time. It improvised their sales results massively. That improvised on ultimate revenue of the company.
After LMS we introduced Marketing Automation to their systems. It helped to rechurn the existing pipelines with strong re-marketing.

360 digree marketing

Cascade Buildtech has grown to a very large scale now they are bringing their own real estate projects. They are also doing 360 marketing, promotions & sales for other real estate projects.
We helped them create a long clientele for them and created a massive network of channel partners for them.

It is wholesome work that we are doing for Cascade Buildtech. It includes Digitization, Lead Generation, a state-of-the-art website with great traffic, Social Media Management, Promotional campaigns on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and mobile marketing. Complete online Branding, and Reputation Management. And we created a massive network of channel partners for them.


Doing phenomenal job especially in generating online leads.
Keep doing the amazing work guys.
You're the Best.

Maljinder Singh
VP Cascade Buildtech Pvt. Ltd.

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