Aura Homes

Aura Homes is a housing society that offers apartments in varying budget ranges.
These units are furnished in a style that blends comfort and aesthetics. There are 3BHK apartments available in this project. This housing society has become a reality as families start moving into new homes.

Aura Homes Elivation


Our client wanted us to focus on driving revenue and footfall for their project. Aura homes did not have a distinctive brand identity and voice, and the visitor engagements were almost null. Hence, our task was to increase visibility, engagement, lead generation and conversion, and the overall footfall for the project.

How did we achieve it?

We saw a lack of credibility online for the project from square one. As there were minimal engagements, we could not target the correct audience. Hence, the first task was to solidify the brand image, give a distinct voice and stand out from the competition.

Hence, we focused on the following things from scratch:

We defined what makes Aura homes unique.
We defined the niche audience for them.
We developed a brand strategy that supported the project goals.
We Created consistency throughout print materials (brochures, flyers, KIOSKs, billboards, etc.)
We created enticing digital collateral to attract the relevant audience.

After a great turnout on engagement on visibility, we used an omnichannel approach in tandem with channel partners for the project to boost footfall and leads.
In this phase:
We started with large-scale brand awareness and marketing campaigns
We collaborated with more channel partners
We boosted visibility with traditional media like billboards in the local surroundings.

The Results:-

Solid, Distinctive, and Engaging brand image across all social media platforms
Successful targeting of the ideal customer persona boosted the credibility of the project.
Footfall and sales increased by 4-5X due to collaboration with various channel partners.

In a nutshell, we efficiently turned out a project with minimal awareness into an engaging and thriving one.


My project site is always flooded with the walk-ins. They created a hype in the market.

Bharti Bhatt
Project Head Aura Homes

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