Best Influencer Marketing Company in Australia

Scalable, accessible, and effortless – our strong network puts you in touch with a wide range of audiences and empowers you to make great deals.

Link with creators, connect with communities, and build hype!



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Link with creators, connect with communities, and build hype!

1. Vast Creator Network

With KITSS, you get access to a vast network of 250+ talented influencers that know what it takes to engage people and get the message across. We enable you to choose the right people that align with your brand voice and values.

2. Unleash Your Talent

In addition to 250+ talented influencers, we’ve also developed an extensive network of 1000+ keen brands. Get a wide range of opportunities with numerous brands. No more unanswered cold calls and emails, Create away and grow together!

3. Explore. Match. Repeat

We help brands connect with influencers and vice-versa. Say Adios to struggle and hassle to find influencers or willing brands. We’ve got a solution for everyone! Make deals, engage the audience and grow tremendously all under one roof.