Our Goal for Incredimate

Our objective was to enhance Incredimate’s global online presence and significantly increase website traffic from zero to a thriving hub for potential clients and collaborators in the animation industry.

Challenges Encountered

No Initial Traffic:

Incredimate's website initially had zero visitors, making it virtually invisible online.

Lack of Global Reach:

Despite offering services worldwide, they were not reaching potential international clients.

Digital Marketing Inefficiency:

Their existing digital marketing efforts were ineffective and lacked a strategic approach.

Brand Awareness:

There was minimal awareness of Incredimate’s services in the broader animation market.

Customer Engagement:

The company had limited interaction with potential clients through their digital channels.

Conversion Rates:

Without traffic, their conversion rates were non-existent.

Our Unique Strategy and Solution

Comprehensive SEO Implementation:
We utilized advanced SEO techniques to boost Incredimate’s search engine rankings and visibility.
Global Paid Advertising:
Executed targeted paid advertising campaigns across various platforms to attract a global audience.
Enhanced Email Marketing:
Developed and implemented a strategic email marketing plan to engage with leads and clients effectively.

Overall Results

Accelerating Time to Market for Rapid Results

  • Dramatic Traffic Increase: Our strategies catapulted website traffic from zero to over 50,000 visitors.
  • Expanded Global Presence: Incredimate is now recognized and accessed by clients worldwide.
  • Boosted Brand Awareness: Enhanced visibility has made Incredimate a known name in the international animation industry.
  • Engagement Uplift: Improved digital strategies have led to better and more frequent customer interactions.
  • Conversion Success: Increased traffic has led to better conversion rates, translating visitors into clients.
  • Sustainable Online Growth: Incredimate’s digital presence is now robust and continues to grow, supporting their global business objectives.